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2-Factor Authentication is now available on Hypnoville!
Submissive Pet Tifa2021-09-14 18:24:16
You can now turn on 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) on your Hypnoville Account to keep it more secure.

You need to have verified your email address to be able to turn on 2FA. Once you've verified your email address, head to your preferences (Now in the Top-Right of the Screen, next to Post Hypnotic) Select the two-factor authentication section and select 'Set-up Two Factor Authentication and follow the on-screen prompts.

Improving Account Security - View Session History
Puppy Maid Devi2021-09-13 20:05:25
We've created a setting within your character's bio page, accessible only to you and Site Admins, where you can see your sign-in history, including the dates and times when your Hypnoville account was used. You can also see the IP addresses, approximate locations, and User Agents which were used to access your account.

Checking this list, allows you to be sure that only you have access to your account.

If you don't recognise the activity on the page, such as a location or access type, someone may have access to your account. If this happens, Immediately change your password, and check your Outbox in Post Hypnotic to make sure you recognise your sent messages.

Scheduled Maintenance
Submissive Pet Tifa2021-09-07 14:44:18
Hi everyone!

Just to let you all know, we're planning some scheduled maintenance on HV this weekend.

SATURDAY 10am BST / 5am EDT / 2am PT - Square Maintenance
SUNDAY 2:30pm BST / 9:30am EDT / 6:30am PT - Site-wide Maintenance

More info can be found on our Status site at

A kaleidoscope? I'm not five... Shapes and colors the likes of which I've never seen!
Submissive Pet Tifa2021-09-02 22:20:23
Hey there folks, whilst we were doing our Scheduled Maintenance, Devi snuck into the Server Room and made a few more tweaks!


We recently shared a guide to Hypnoville's colours on the Town Hall Forums. Check it out at; https://townhall.hypnoville.net/t/colours-on-hypnoville/

More Characters in Chat Boxes!

After we recently expanded the Character Limit in PMs from 1026 to 4096, we decided to go big or go home! You can now use up to 2000 characters in Chat Boxes, a 10x growth from the old cap of 200! As before, we'll continue to listen to feedback on this and see how it's used. Please remember not to abuse it, and don't spam!

Hypnoville Testers

As you may have already seen in our MOTD from Earlier Today (just below this one), we've launched our Hypnoville Testers Beta program. Fill out the form in the HV Testers Lab to Sign Up!

Help us Beta Test Hypnoville!
Submissive Pet Tifa2021-09-02 20:23:17
Want to help test new Hypnoville Features before we take the scaffolding down?

Happy to give us feedback, so we can make the site better for everyone?

Sign up to our Beta program - the Hypnoville Testers! From the Square, head to the HV Testers Lab in Tavern Street, and fill out the form!


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