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2-Factor Authentication is now available on Hypnoville!
Submissive Pet Tifa2021-09-14 18:24:16
You can now turn on 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) on your Hypnoville Account to keep it more secure.

You need to have verified your email address to be able to turn on 2FA. Once you\'ve verified your email address, head to your preferences (Now in the Top-Right of the Screen, next to Post Hypnotic) Select the two-factor authentication section and select \'Set-up Two Factor Authentication and follow the on-screen prompts.

News for Tue, Sep 28, 2021
Vixen Goddess Fox has enslaved the Mesmerizing Siren of Lust, selling the new slave into bondage and eliminating an enemy spy!
Vixen Goddess Fox killed an old gypsy woman that just wanted to play cards.
An new gem delivery arrived at the gemstore!
The souvenir shops got restocked!
Spiralling Down Abaddon encountered the Mysterious Stranger!
Spiralling Down Abaddon has defeated his master, Loose Goose to advance to level 6 after 5 days!!
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