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An update on the update
Submissive Pet Tifa2021-12-05 10:44:45

Good morning all, we had hoped to release the Winter Update this weekend, however we?re having to delay it slightly so we can get it just right for you all. Really sorry about this! We promise it will be released before Midwinter.

Announcing the Hypnoville Thanksgiving Donation Drive.
Goo Puppy Devi2021-11-17 22:44:02

Unfortunately, Life, as it were, often finds a way to cause trouble, and this year it has in spades for many people, Myself included. Due to an unexpected bill we will be running a donation drive until November 30th, with the goal of $550 USD , so that I am able to continue working on this wonderful place and the rewrite for next year. There will be donor rewards, and my eternal gratitude (note Gratitude is not redeemable for prizes).

Some of the donor rewards for this limited time donor drive will include (but is not limited to):

  • A personal thanks from me and Devi for all donors
  • An on-site profile badge for all donors
  • The ability to shape new events and more in 2022
  • Extra points for the Hunter's Lodge
  • More rewards to be announced!

Halloween Update
Submissive Pet Tifa2021-10-30 15:22:03

Hypnoville Update Notes 2021-OCT-30

Update Notes for October 30th 2021 Markdown Support Winter Event Dates Announced enter image description here

Hello again everyone! We've worked on some great updates this month for Hypnoville, and I'm really excited to share them with you today. Before I get too carried away though, let me first wish everyone a Happy Halloween, Samhain, and Dia De Los Muertos! Be careful around the Village Square, some people are turning into Pumpkindreds!

enter image description here

Markdown Support comes to Hypnoville!

As you might be able to tell from how this MOTD looks very different to others, we've added Markdown Support to Hypnoville! At the moment, this is limited to player bios (and MOTDs for Staff!) but if we see it going well, we will consider expanding support for it in more places on the site next year. There are plenty of good guides, and editors available for Markdown on the Internet, for example I wrote this MOTD with StackEdit.

If you have any questions about Markdown Support on Hypnoville, or need a hand getting it working, feel free to ask in our Discord, or put in a Petition for Help.

Please Note: For Safety and Security Reasons, some markdown features may be restricted or unavailable. If you need help, ask!

Winter Event Dates Announced

The Winter Event will be taking place this year from Wednesday, December 8th, through Monday, January 10th. The exact times that we go live will be confirmed later in November, both in Discord and on our Status Site.

Rumors of a New Creature in the Forest

We're getting reports from some of our brave adventurers that there is a new creature in the forest, whilst they aren't able to remember much about the encounter itself, it's suggested that the creature comes out of no where, simply emerging from the trees.

Hospital Healing

You can now heal in the Sacred Mind Hospital in the Village Square. Please be certain you need healing though, the good doctor doesn't need his time wasted after all.

Expected Downtime

We are expecting some Server Downtime tonight as part of the clocks going back in Europe. We expect this downtime to last no more than 30 minutes, and hope that it will be a lot less. For more information tonight, please check #incident-room in the HV Discord.

Useful Links

If you made it to the end, check out this cool song I found!

Upcoming Maintenance
Submissive Pet Tifa2021-10-24 15:51:44

Site Maintenance has been scheduled for Saturday. 1500 BST / 1000 EDT


2-Factor Authentication is now available on Hypnoville!
Submissive Pet Tifa2021-09-14 18:24:16

You can now turn on 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) on your Hypnoville Account to keep it more secure.

You need to have verified your email address to be able to turn on 2FA. Once you've verified your email address, head to your preferences (Now in the Top-Right of the Screen, next to Post Hypnotic) Select the two-factor authentication section and select 'Set-up Two Factor Authentication and follow the on-screen prompts.

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