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The Hypnopics Collective
- The home of hypno manipulated Women, and number one Hypno-RP Board worldwide.
The Hypnopics Collective

Suechan's Hangout
- Wonderfull Person - Wonderfull art. You will love her!
Suechan's Hangout

Bunny's Hideout
- Bunny Lola's (mine :P ) little webpage and Picture gallery.
Bunny's Hideout

Corruption of Champions
- This is one of the best single player games I have found that deals with fetishy fun including MC and Hypnosis of all kinds. Definatly one to check out

Permanent Positions
- A Story that will occasionally feature hypnosis and other mind conrol, alongside other things, written by Devi

Powermogri's Patreon
- Powermogri, otherwise known as Lola, or Miss V, is creating Erotic Art and Fiction about Mind Control and Transformation Note: Not associated with Hypnodragon.de at the current moment.
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